The old order is dying

The old order is dying. For too long it has enslaved, abused and hollowed out humanity, ruling with lies to conceal its exploitative heart. For generations it has brought endless war, misery and suffering. For what? To enrich a tiny handful beyond all reason.


It has dominated us for too long. Its continuation threatens all life on Earth. Its end is long overdue. We must help it to a peaceful and speedy death.


The world is in great turmoil. Country after country rises up against the old forms, but nowhere have we been able to overthrow existing arrangements. The disintegration of the world revolutionary movement – seen in the failure and later breakup of the Soviet Union – has left confusion in its wake. But the old revolutionary movement had to collapse – it had become part of the decaying system. Its disintegration was a prelude to the end of the old order.


Occupy Wall Street was a foretaste of a new system and a new way to get there.


The rulers sensed this and dispersed OWS before we could retire them. Though today’s movements show great promise, they are also likely to be co-opted by the system’s vast and still active capacity to absorb and stifle opposition.


A new politics is necessary, for survival and transformation. We must craft a new language to pursue this end. We must discard the “Leaden Language of the Official Left” (Galeano).


This blog hopes to promote discussion to pursue these goals.


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